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Personalised Framed Print


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  • Image of Personalised Framed Print
  • Image of Personalised Framed Print

We are proud to announce our collaboration with the wonderful Lucy Tapper. Lucy started creating and developing her unique product ideas in her head whilst watching her young children play daily in their greenhouse. Lucy set out with no financial backing, no contacts and a sketchbook full of ideas to become one of the most creative and talented illustrators and product designers in the UK, and we are delighted that Lucy has chosen to support Charlie and his cause.

Lucy is generously offering some beautiful, personalised frames to purchase through our site, with 100% of the profits going to Charlie, which I’m sure you’ll all agree is a truly lovely thing to do.

Each print will be professionally mounted in a white frame, and can be personalised with any name (although we ask that you only choose the child’s first name). There’s space underneath for your own special message – or a special date – for the recipient, creating a design the child can treasure forever.

Pirate Name Personalised Framed Print

Ahoy me hearties! Our personalised ‘Pirate Name’ print is the ideal gift for any little boy - whether it’s a birthday or christening gift, or for any other special occasion. Each pirate is beautifully illustrated and every letter in the name will be unique, even if there is more than one!

Fairy Name Personalised Framed Print

This personalised ‘Fairy Name’ print is the perfect gift for any little girl, with beautiful illustrations of fairies spelling out their name. Each letter is originally hand illustrated by Lucy Tapper and relates to a flower variety (A = Apple Blossom, B = Bluebell, etc). Full of colour and character, the recipient’s name is spelt out in fairies, with no two characters appearing the same in the name.

Dinosaur Name Personalised Framed Print

Our personalised dinosaur name print is the perfect gift for any newborn or dinosaur-mad child, adding a splash of colour and excitement to their bedroom. Each letter of their name will be formed of a fierce but friendly dinosaur, with no limits to the length of the name.

Each letter will be different, even if the same letter appears throughout the name. They have all been hand illustrated by Lucy Tapper, making it personal and special

Animal Name Personalised Framed Print

This beautiful animal name print is perfect for any animal-mad child, or for a special occasion such as a baptism, new baby celebration or birthday. Each print can be personalised with the child's name, as well as a message or dedication below. Each letter of the child's name is a friendly animal character, with each letter relating to the animal e.g. A for Alligator, B for Butterfly, etc. Each letter is hand illustrated, brightly coloured and no two letters will be the same.

As well as being a lovely print for the child to have on their wall, it can also be used as a fun educational resource to help them learn.

When ordering this item you will need to provide us with your chosen name, message if required and your telephone number.

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